Vibram FiveFingers CVT LS – review

New FiveFingers  CVT LS – on sale from 3/2014!


So I just got the new CVT LS in grey. Although ordering online, after purchasing another 3 pairs of VFF (2 of them in the store, one online), the size fits perfectly.


First impression: I think these will be my favorite FiveFingers from now on. I have another pair of Smartwool Classics (casual use, running), Performas (indoor) and black “gorilla feet”-like KSO TrekSports (trekking and running).

The fabric is very, very soft, which makes it ideal shoes for summer. The sole isn´t as flexible as Classics (not to mention Performas:)), since the EVA sole is bit thicker, but that makes it more comfortable when walking on asphalt or city-streets. Like Performas – they weight next to nothing!
I´m looking forward to try the convertible slip it on option, it would be great to turn them into slippers on the plane next week.


VFF CVT LS toe pockets from inside

What was new to me except for this new feature, is some kind of rubber or traction pads inside the first two toes – so that makes my foot “stick” better to the shoe – it´s not uncomfortable at all actually, I just never noticed it with other models.

The toe pockets feel bit bigger than with my other VFFs – not in length, but they are somehow “higher”. I can´t explain it better, but I could easily take off the fabric on top and just sew the side panels together, there would still be plenty of room for my toes. (I´m not sure if it´s clear what I mean. I simply have a lot of space there when I lift my toes! The length and width are OK, it´s just the depth/height of the toe pocket.) But it´s hardly noticeable with normal use.

Tip: don´t forget to loosen the laces before trying them on – I figured this out after 2-3 tries and let me tell you – that was a big relief! 🙂

Too bad they only make it in white.

CVT LS – the sole. Traction is not that bad as I expected.

For the traction – TrekSports (of course) and Classics feel bit more secure on wet surface, but it´s minor difference and I´m sure not going to do trekking with these – they are more than fine for casual use. Speaking of casual use: They sure look great with jeans!

I´ll keep you updated, since I´m taking them for a month backpacking in SE Asia.


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