Travel blogs boom

With every year increasing number of (not only) solo travelers, you can find more travel-based websites and blogs than ever before. Some of them are great, some of them less so, there are some must see as well:). (And trust me, I know all of them and still looking for new ones! These people are source of so much inspiration, and because each blog/page is different, the more experience people share, the better.)

  • – If you want to start your own blog, but don´t feel like going through all the hassle of creating a website, this might be the site for you. Simle interface, easy to load, REALLY fast even with slower internet connections (on the road) and you can sort categories by country/region and so on. I use it to stay in touch with my friends and family without sending each of them separate email about what happened the last month:).

If you don´t like this one, there is great article on the about couple of other blogging websites.

  • South East Asia Backpacker Magazine“The first and only magazine for independent travellers through South East Asia.” as stated on the website itself, is great source of experiences from various independent travellers. Be sure to check it out!
  • – if you´re passionate about soup, markets and food (as I am), you´ll surely like this website (as I do). And you get some hilarious stories as a bonus:).
  • – “Go Girl is a community of 6,000 women in 110 countries around the world — and growing.”
  • – British girl, traveling solo and devoted to inspire you to do likewise!
  • – one of my personal favorites! HUGE amount of tips, tricks and amusing stories. Really, really worth of your time!

… and more to come as I browse through the deep waters of the world wide web!


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