Store your data on the go – traveler´s external harddrive

A-Data SH93

When on the road, it´s important to store all your photos, videos and other data sercurely, so you don´t loose all you precious memories, or for some of us all your work you´ve been doing while others spent those hours bathing with elephants. (Ok, I did that once:))

But once you´ll start searching for durable and portable hard drive, you´ll find out it is not so easy. Because the usual plastic one is good for taking it to work, or transporting in your bag while in subway, but seriously – try put that one in your backpack and than watch those airport luggage guys throw it there and back – well… I don´t know.

I´m not gonna write about the speed and storage place and backup possibilities, as both of those I´m about to review do have different options here – and besides I´m not the one to go to. So let´s just focus on how sturdy they are and how they managed when taken to wet, muddy or otherwise not so data friendly places.

Both of them don´t need any external energy source – so no need for another cable in my bag (which I tend to forget), or another international adapter. Both are more or less portable.

So far I use two of my favourites – and since I´m not a big fan of writing a review about things I didn´t use for longer period of time myself, I´ll stick to this two.

The first is the A-Data 93. I have it in 500GB version (they make those in red, yellow, black or blue, and limited version green I think, but not sure.)
I like this one because you don´t need any additional external case (saves space in your luggage), and you can wrap the cabel around the side, so you can be sure you´ll never forget it. (Big issue for me.) Although the cable itself isn´t protected than, but it prooved to be quite resistant for all those falls and splits I´m so prone to prepare for my external drives. (I know, I´m working on it.)
And this one really is shock resistant and waterproof – being dropped into the water for couple of minutes and once accidentally falling from balcony (1st.floor) – it survived it all.
Besides – it´s quite stylish and as a woman, I like that. If the cabel would be included in the protection cover, I think this one would be so far the perfect external hard drive for me.

WD-My Passport

The other is little bit bigger – WD-My Passport portable hard drive with the WD-Nomad protection case. The hard drive itself is great, but without the case it would be not so usefull for my needs. Alhough I tend to keep it at home, since is the bigger one from those two (mine has 2 TB and USB 3.0 connection), I move quite a lot and it has to deal with water, and  be shock-proof. And I want to be able to ocasionally take it with me when I travel for longer periods of time and need extra storage.

The case is nice, although it takes more space since there is the drive itself + the case. Nice touch is, that you don´t need to take the hard drive out when in use, since there is small opening for the USB. The case itself looks very nice and I think the polycarbonate exterior would survive even greater impacts or falls than the A-Data – but I never tried it (and I´m not gonna to:)), so that´s just me guessing. It as well protects the drive from dust, dirt, and moist. It has an exterior ring, so in case you want to attach anything to it, there you go. (Strap perhaps?) Compatible with (surprise, surprise) My Passport portable hard drives.

The only “problem” for me again is the cable – there is no place for it in the case, so it has to be stored separately.

Or, of course, you can still try SSD  (solid state drive).

If you have tips for any other products, I would love to hear about them!


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