Travalo review – colors

gold, silver, black and red

Well, as promised I’ll show you all the other colors of Travalo Classic (Travalo Excel comes with even more to choose from) – except the pink one. I can’t help it, I’m not that big fan of the pink, but I sow it in the shop and it’s more that kind of “old classic pink” and not that vivid modern screaming-into-your-face one. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, here they are in gold (that one you saw in the previous review), silver, black and red.

They come in matching cases packaging, so you can give it as gift without wrapping, but I would pack them anyway. (Yes, I’m old school girl.) Well, if I wouldn’t be so in love with this tiny little perfume savers:).

The sign “Travalo” is in silver except for the golden version, where it is in gold. See for yourself.

Now about the colors itself. I like the gold one – it has kind of smooth feeling and doesn’t appear so much metallic, which I like. The silver one is standard silver – I don’t know what else to say. For me, this one is very chic and matches every outfit. Probably my favorite with the gold one. (They both aren’t so shiny:)) Next in the row is the black Travalo – I hoped for it to be the kind of dim/matt black, but it isn’t. It’s very metallic and “shiny”. I don’t like it so much as I would the matt version, but it still looks pretty. This would be the ideal men version, as opposite for the pink being the women’s. The last one on the picture is the red one. This must be new, because at the time I found it it still wasn’t on Travalo’s website. This is deep metallic vivid red – probably that’s why it resembles lipstick more than the others.

All of them have the spray head in black color, the pink I saw at the store had the spray pump in white.


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