Travalo review – travel perfume atomizer

Well here it is, finally a solution to some of my travel-with-perfume problems. (It’s not gonna decide for me if I should buy another Coco, or Poison, or just stick with my good old White Musk – speaking about my three favorites – but that’s another story.) Everyone knows the problem what and how to bring your favorite perfume with you when traveling. I’m a woman, I like to look and smell pretty – I don’t deny it. But it’s not so easy to just put the lovely bottle full of the new Dior’s Poison (in my case) and feel comfortable as it parts with you at the airport check-in baggage desk. (Because you know, you can’t take it with you on board. The famous Liquid Rule awaits you right next to the screening machine.) I mean I did this once – flying from Rome. All the way I couldn’t stop thinking about the bottle being thrown in my baggage all over the airport + of course I imagined the worst scenarios like: all my clothes being soaked with perfume and finding the bottle in thousand peaces all over my bag. Nevermore. (If only I can avoid it. And resist the temptation to buy another new bottle in Paris, or wherever…)

There are other colors as well and I’m awaiting the package with some of new Travalos, so you will find them in my next review.

Ok, but back to the point. The little invention is called Travalo (or of course there are other brands as well) and it’s little miracle. It’s meant to be used with the usual bottles of perfume with spray head. (Actually I like the old fashioned ones without it, but they are hard to find today and I stick with my signature scent anyway.) Basically, it’s small atomizer made of aluminium and approved for airports, so you can take it on board and it will take care of the changing air pressure during the flight. Although I was suspicious at first (and after reading some not so great reviews on the internet. But they are hard to find, most of Travalo reviews are of that it-changed-my-life-and-it’s-awesome kind…) – that thing doesn’t leak a bit. Really. It worked (so far) with all the perfumes I tried (about 7) and looks lovely. Now the pros and cons. The only negative I found so far is, that you can use it only for perfumes with the spray head. For me it’s ok, since I have (unfortunately) very few of the other ones, but for somebody else it can be a issue.

The size is in cm. (1cm = 0.393700787 inch)

Positives – well, you can find all of them on their website, but first of all:

  • it’s small (size of a lipstick), and very portable. (No, I don’t want to carry the whole bottle of my Chanel with me. Do you? Oh come on, really.)
  • It’s from aluminium and no glass. You know what that means. No breaking when you accidentally let it fall on the floor.
  • It has the capacity of 50 sprays (the classic one which I have. There is the Travalo Excel, which holds 30% more.) That can go a long way, since
  • the refilling is so easy:

“Simply remove the nozzle from your big fragrance bottle, pump Travalo up and down on the tube, and you can be ready to go in just a few seconds. “ ( – quoted from website)

easy “how to” instructions on the back side of the package

Refilling is really simple. And I’m glad I don’t have to carry my whole precious bottle with me.

No mess. There are atomizers using funnel, but in that case, whatever you do, you still loose some of your precious perfume. And once it’s exposed to air, it starts to get old, and smell differently. I don’t know how often you use your perfume, but I want to have mine “fresh” as possible:). You know what I mean. (No, it’s not getting that old or anything and I doubt you’re gonna leave it in any other atomizer for years, but it’s a bonus that even if – it would be alright with this one.)

  • colors! You can choose yours and they all look great. Yes, I’m being a woman here.
  • level indicator window

    here you see it’s almost full with perfume

    level indicator window. Now think about how many refillable atomizers really have this. It’s good to be prepared and to know when you need to refill it again.

You can buy it via their website, or via ebay. I found it at store near my home for 7,45 € but they only had the golden one and the pink version. I’m not such a big fan of pink things, so I have the golden one. Anyway, I’m so in love with the little thing that I had to purchase another colors as well. Yes, I think I’m a perfume addict.

Update: I took my red Travalo with me to Spain and Africa. There wasn’t any problems to take it on board and the security lady at the airport even asked where did I buy it, because she liked the idea too. So there you go, tested – and no problems.


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